Monday, December 6, 2010


Glenn Grogan, Graphic Design intern from the Paul Simon Job Corps Center, works on ad creation & page layout at THE VOICE Newspapers with Senior Designer Jeff Potter. (Photo by Brad)
Glenn Grogan came to the Paul Simon Job Corps Center on Chicago’s West Side 14 months ago from his home in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was 17 years old and high school wasn’t working out for him. He was falling behind and cutting classes, so his mother encouraged him to enroll in the Job Corps for employment training.
    Glenn says he was very skeptical at first about going to the Job Corps because he thought it was going to be like a boot camp. But, he decided to pursue training in Graphic Design and was, therefore, sent to Chicago because the Paul Simon Center is the only Job Corps campus in the country offering training in that career field.
    “I earned my GED at the Paul Simon Center and received my Adobe Certified Associate credentials (ACA) by completing the course,” Glenn explains.
    As a requirement for completing his course, Glenn needed to serve an internship utilizing the skills he had learned. He chose THE VOICE Newspapers, where he is working under the supervision of Senior Graphic Designer Jeff Potter in ad trafficking, ad design, photo retouching & processing, and page layout.
    “I am being introduced to a lot of new programs in a real life work setting, helping publish a major weekly community newspaper,” says Glenn. “I see that it really takes a team to produce each issue of the newspaper and everyone’s job is important.”
    He says Jeff Potter is giving him good advice on potential career paths in Graphic Design. Glenn plans to attend college when he leaves the Job Corps and continue studying Graphic Design.

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