Friday, October 15, 2010


Roy Pope, the master automotive mechanic who owned Certified Alignment at Latrobe & Lake for 26 years, died September 20 of complications from a burst appendix. He was 62 years old.
    Roy was born January 3, 1948, to Charlotte and Clifton Pope in Rosedale, Mississippi. He was baptized in 1963 at St. Andrew’s Church in Rosedale. He came to Chicago as an adolescent and attended Farragut High School, where he studied automotive mechanics. He worked at Chicago Spring & Bumper for many years before opening his own shop.
    Roy had a dream of returning to Rosedale and opening a skating rink to improve the local economy and provide a recreational outlet for area children. Although he worked hard on this idea, he was unable to bring the project to fruition.
    “Roy made Certified Alignment one of the great success stories of THE AUSTIN VOICE,” recalls Isaac Jones, the newspaper’s Publisher. “When we came to him in 1986 to suggest he advertise Certified Alignment, Roy told us he wasn’t making any money and thought he would have to close the shop. He reached in his pocket and gave us his last $25, saying, ‘See what you can do with this.’ We started creating ads for Certified Alignment, Roy’s business increased, and he kept all of THE VOICE vehicles operating and on the road.”
    Lester Randle says, “ Roy was honest and dependable. He did quality work at a good price and stood behind his work. My brother and I both took all of our cars to him for work.” James Cole saluted Roy Pope as  “a good man.”
    As Roy’s business continued to improve, he added a service bay to Certified Alignment to handle more cars. He also took on corporate contracts to service the fleets of local businesses.
    Roy was preceded in death by siblings Louis Pope, Clifton Pope, Jr., Eddie Pope, Susie Ward, and Emma Barber. He leaves his children: Sheila Ann Scott (Minister Emory Clark) of Toledo, Ohio; Sandra Dean Thomas; Dorthine Martin (Lawrence); Emerson Roy Pope, Jr. (Shaana) of Pensacola, Florida; Clarence Edward Sutton (Shannon) of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Kimbly Monique Sutton. Brothers & sisters left to mourn are: Willie Pope of Greenville, Mississippi; Walter Pope (Bonnie); Robert Pope (Cornelia); Osie Pope of Rosedale, Illinois; Irene Bober; Ethel Wordlaw; Lula Edwards (Joseph); Freadia Williams (James) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Readia Pope (Curtis); and Oria Pope.     Roy also leaves two special nephews: Del Edwards & Eric Pope; a special niece, Minister Jewel Nolan; a special aunt, Emma Pope of Rosedale, Mississippi; and a special niece, Kathy Runnels, who worked with Roy for 26 years at Certified Alignment. Roy leaves 16 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, a special friend – Mary Burns, more than 175 other relatives, and scores of friends and acquaintances who are enriched by having known him.
    Services were held September 25 at Corbin Colonial Funeral Chapel. Roy was buried at Oakridge Cemetery in Hillside.

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  1. Roy Pope was the strongest man alive to me. He showed me love in away no man could ever show me. I miss him with all my heart, he was my hero, that was taken from me way to soon.