Friday, October 29, 2010


Ronald Lawless, Green Party candidate for Cook County Commissioner, meets with counselors outside the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. They told him of inappropriate disciplinary actions, dangerous conditions, staffing shortages, and abuse by the federal court-appointed Director. Lawless promised to meet with them formally if he is elected on Tuesday. (Photo by Brad)

“The safety of the children and the counselors must always be paramount,” Ronald Lawless told disgruntled counselors outside the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, 1200 South Hamilton. Lawless is the Green Party candidate for 1st District Cook County Commissioner.
    Lawless was responding to published reports that Earl Dunlap, the federal court-appointed Director of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, called counselors “bottom feeders and dirt bags.” He is said to have requested assistance from Jody Weis and the Chicago Police Department if staff members at the facility make good on violent threats against supervisors.
    Counselors told Lawless of what they termed inappropriate and unwarranted disciplinary measures being taken against them by Dunlap and charged that the Center is dangerously understaffed.
    Lawless promised counselors that if he is elected to the County Board on Tuesday, he would meet with them and call upon the federal judge overseeing operation of the facility to investigate the allegations.
    Dunlap told the Chicago Sun-Times that he has credible information that staff members are plotting violence against supervisors when a transition plan is implemented. On November 1, veteran staff members are being required to reapply for their jobs. Dunlap says if there is any violence, police will be called.

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