Monday, September 20, 2010

WEST SIDE VOICES: Letters to the Editor

A Crossing Guard’s Request at the Start of School
Dear Parents:
Let me start by saying I am a Chicago Police Crossing Guard. My job is to get your kids to and from school as safely as possible. Your job is to show respect for my effort by crossing your kids where I am, not in the middle of the street.
I take pride in my job, therefore I beseech you to let me do it. If you show me no respect, your child will show me none.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Naomi Price
25th District

(But, I am speaking for all Chicago Police Crossing Guards & Parent Patrols.)

The article you wrote in the Austin paper is a joke, you are one clueless fool. [North Avenue Business Owners Are Asking: “ARE 25TH DISTRICT POLICE LAZY, RACIST, OR ON THE TAKE?” Aug. 11, 2010} Wake up and take a look around it’s your community that is to blame for all the troubles that you talk about. Take a look at the two black officers (that you interviewed) arrest rate, how many arrests do they have compared to other officers in the 25th district how many jobs do they clear? I know you’ll say white or hispanic officers have better records but they put stuff on the poor black people and that’s how they get their arrests. The 25th district has more hispanic and white people living in it than blacks its just that the blacks are the one’s doing the majority of the crimes. I know the truth hurts and it’s not easy to accept but the black community has been spewing the same toxic rubbish for 50 years and nothing has changed. You need to man up and speak the truth, look in the mirror and point your finger for you are the one who has failed your people by not telling the truth. It will set you free. Next time you get robbed while in your office at work tell 911 you only want black officers to respond better yet don’t call the police deal with it on your own.

Mark La Civita

[Editor: Mark La Civita is a blogsite thought to be written and posted by a group of Chicago Police Officers who hide behind their anonymity. The City of Chicago and Chicago Police Department unsuccessfully attempted to discover their identities and shut down their site because of its content.}

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