Friday, July 23, 2010

SISTERHOUSE: Recovery, it’s Not Just for Celebrities!

As the media covers the failings and shortcomings of Lindsey Lohan, people all over the country enter drug and alcohol treatment with no cameras, judges’ orders, or press releases.  SISTERHOUSE, a faith-based recovery home in the Austin community, provides housing and supportive services for women seeking recovery from substance abuse.
Amidst the paparazzi and glamorization of celebrity lifestyles, the chaos of addiction remains.  Today, let’s thank the organizations in Chicago who help bring ordinary people out of chaos and into long-term recovery.  Countless facilities around Chicagoland provide medical detoxification and rehabilitation for thousands of people.  The Cara Program offers case management and employment assistance.  Healthcare Alternative Systems (HAS) offers many treatment options, including intensive outpatient and aftercare.

These facilities are staffed and funded by everyday heroes who empower those struggling with substance abuse to find a way out and become heroes themselves.  The legacy of SISTERHOUSE is only a small piece of the recovery community in Chicago, and it is an honor to work with many amazing organizations, helping ordinary people change their lives every day.

To receive more information on SISTERHOUSE’s services for women and/or volunteer opportunities, please call 773/626-0525.

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