Friday, June 18, 2010

SISTERHOUSE: Women in Recovery with Mental Illnesses

Women’s residential-based treatment programs tend to be specifically designed to meet the needs of women seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. While many recovery programs have individualized treatment plans that are faith-based for spiritual wellness, they do not have the capacity to address the concerns surrounding mental health and other chronic illnesses.
    Illness Management and Recovery programs have the ability to incorporate facts and treatment strategies for individuals suffering from mental illnesses into the personalized treatment plan of recovery services. Individuals in recovery whom suffer from mental illnesses and successfully recover have built extremely strong social support systems, utilize medication effectively, and have the ability to cope well with problems and symptoms while continuously getting their needs met by the mental health system.
Often times, individuals in recovery are not present to their very own mental health issues because many illnesses are subtle and symptoms may come in many different, unrecognizable forms. Some symptoms of mental illnesses to be made aware of are: depression, overly emotional, constant and continuous changes in personality, uncontrollable anger and exhibition of negative behavior, lack of concentration/loss of focus, and overwhelming stress, among many others. Many of these symptoms are commonly apart of our everyday lives. However, when these symptoms manifest and become embedded in our daily behavior and actions, it is then when we should seek spiritual guidance, therapeutic support, and/or medical attention.

To receive more information on SISTERHOUSE’s services for women and/or volunteer opportunities, please call 773/626-0525.

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