Friday, June 11, 2010


Phoenix Military Academy High School, 145 South Campbell Avenue, held its medal awards presentation ceremony for meritorious cadets in the JROTC program. Cadet Colonel Jeffrey Perez, a graduating senior, was awarded the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal. This honor is bestowed upon a cadet who displays leadership, soldierly bearing, and excellence to Phoenix Military Academy.
    Superior Cadet Medals were awarded to one outstanding student in each grade level. This year’s recipients are: Cadet SGT Lisandra Villegas (9th grade), Cadet SFC Nia Benton (10th grade), Cadet CPT Katie Villagomez (11th grade), and Cadet CPT Lainer Rodriguez (12th grade).
    Cadet MAJ David Woulard (12th grade) was awarded the Association of the United States Army Medal for exceptional performance at Phoenix Military Academy.
    Seven cadets were awarded American Veterans Association Medals for diligence in the discharge of duty and willingness to serve both God and Country for the mutual benefit. This year’s honorees are: Cadet CPL Tyrell Watson (9th grade), Cadet SGT Jazmin Ocampo (9th grade), Cadet SFC Johnny Villagomez (10th grade), Cadet SFC Mirna Azpera (10th grade), Cadet 2LT Alyssa Gomez De La Casa (11th grade), Cadet CSM Jesenia Martinez (11th grade) and Cadet 1LT Chenetta Watson (12th grade).
    Cadet SGT Adan Herrera and Cadet MAJ Katia Acosta (both graduating seniors) were presented the United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award Medal. This honor goes to the top female and male cadets that demonstrate outstanding achievement and excellence in a varsity or intramural sport while maintaining at least a B average.
    Cadet 2LT Bonnie Conner (11th grade) was awarded the Personal Appearance Medal for consistently presenting an outstanding image. Phoenix Military Academy is graduating a class of 78 cadets this year.

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