Friday, May 7, 2010


A cross-section of North Lawndale leaders addresses the methods for building effective community coalitions around public health issues and other challenges. (Photo by Brad)
    The Sinai Urban Health Institute held a day-long retreat in Douglas Park involving the major community-based organizations operating in North Lawndale. The purpose was to launch the Block by Block North Lawndale Community Action Program focusing on the prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes, a major health concern in Chicago’s West Side African American communities.
    Community stakeholders spent the day taking inventory of North Lawndale resources and analyzing service gaps and other roadblocks to galvanizing public action. Participants put forth ideas for a new North Lawndale developed by building coalitions around improving public health. They also considered economic, political, educational, social, safety, and other factors in making recommendations for building a healthier North Lawndale.
    Because of the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes throughout the community among people of all ages and genders, Sinai Institute is proposing classic organizing techniques targeting the disease, but building a framework for uniting residents to take action on other issues and common problems.
    Program Director is Donna V. Werner and facilitator for the retreat was Dr. Joseph West, Director of the Block by Block North Lawndale Diabetes Community Action Program. Additional meetings are planned. For information on joining the program, call 773/257-6049.
North Lawndale community leaders spend a day in Douglas Park at a retreat considering coalition-building to address health & societal concerns threatening the welfare of residents. (Photo by Brad)
Community stakeholders from organizations discuss the resources and weaknesses of North Lawndale in context of meeting the threat from Type 2 Diabetes at a Sinai Urban Health Institute coalition-building retreat. (Photo by Brad)
Dr. Joseph West, Dir. of the Block by Block North Lawndale Diabetes Community Action Program facilitates analysis of coalition-building techniques to address problems. (Photo by Brad)

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