Friday, May 21, 2010


Anthony Cauley, a senior at the Academy of Communication and Technology, is currently serving an internship at THE VOICE Newspapers. Anthony says, “I really like this opportunity because I’m very interested in journalism. This will be a great experience because I like writing and this will give me a good chance to get my work published, and I never had that done before.”
    Cauley will be attending Cleveland State University in the fall, where he will study journalism, database engineering, and minor in accounting. He says, “Journalism was never something I wanted to study, but I became very interested in the subject after every class I wanted to take during my junior year was filled. In the beginning of the class, I started out with an F because I thought it was boring and I didn’t want to pay attention.” He says at the end of the year he received an A in the class, but was disappointed that he wasn’t able to create a school newspaper.
    Anthony says he grew a passion for journalism over time and now he is fulfilling a desire to get some of his own work published in THE VOICE.

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