Friday, February 5, 2010

Police Pay a call on the Adams Family

They're Creepy and they're cooky, Mysterious and Spooky

The open-air drug market at Cicero Avenue and Adams Street on Beat 1533 in Austin has plagued the surrounding neighborhood for many years. The area is a densely populated residential community bordered by a high-traffic truck route. At first glance, it appears that harmless neighborhood drunks are loitering on the corners, but further scrutiny reveals a flourishing narcotic trade.
Narcotics Investigation Section Team E-2, under the direction of Lt. Robert Cervenka and Sgt. Elaine McKinney, launched OPERATION ADAMS FAMILY on May 26, 2009. The interaction of drug sellers and supervisors directing workers and collecting money satisfies the requirement of a criminal drug conspiracy. The offenders used various rental cars to transport and deliver narcotics.
Undercover officers made 25 buys of white heroin and crack cocaine, conducted four narcotic seizures, three money seizures totaling $594 in cash, and captured two handguns. One of the narcotics seizures totaled 78 grams of powder cocaine. The police utilized video cameras, covert surveillance vehicles, and audio recording devices in gathering evidence against the conspirators.
This area is controlled by the Undertakers Vice Lords street gang. Twenty offenders were identified with OPERATION ADAMS FAMILY and most have extensive violent backgrounds. Since the inception of this operation, there were more than 30 aggravated batteries and one homicide (at 4922 West Adams Street).
On November 17, 2009, arrest warrants were issued for 20 offenders, including Carnell Ashford, 27, the alleged owner of the drug market, and Cadhal Tillman, 20, and Maurice Jefferson, 29, alleged managers of the site. Criminal Drug Conspiracy charges were approved for 12 offenders, 7 are charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, and one is charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance. Two juveniles were arrested in connection with OPERATION ADAMS FAMILY. Two offenders remain at large: Carnell Ashford and Maurice Jefferson. Persons with information regarding their current whereabouts are asked to call 312/746-7510. They may remain anonymous and all information remains confidential.
This roundup returns the 4800 & 4900 blocks of Adams Street to the law-abiding citizens residing there.

Persons knowing the whereabouts of any of the fugitives in this case are urged to call the Narcotics & Gangs 24-Hour Hotline:
(312) 746-7510

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  1. Carnell A Ashford, 31. Found dead in the back yard of 1404 NE Perry Avenue, Peoria, around noon today. As I continue to tell my neighbors who worry about random violence; very little of it is actually violent. What you do will return to you.