Friday, February 26, 2010


Committee members & participants in the John Hay Academy African American Read-in gather in the library, select their books, and prepare to visit classrooms. (Photo by Brad)

John Hay Community Academy, 1018 North Laramie Avenue, commemorated Black History Month by again opening its doors and inviting successful people of many backgrounds to explore a variety of subjects with students at the 7th Annual African American Read-in. This year’s event was again chaired by Dr. Patricia James-Holloway, with Co-chairpersons Mrs. Billingham-Baikie, Ms Stapleton, and Ms Hill.
    Committee members include: Ms C. Moore, Ms Reaux, Ms Watson, Ms Sercye, Mrs. Moody, Ms L. King, Ms Kahle, Ms Burton, Mrs. Knuerr, Mrs. Peters-Gruszecki, Mrs. Henderson-Johnson, Mr. Anderson, Ms Armour, Ms Schneider, Ms Gibson, Asst. Principal Ms P.U. Burnett, Intern Principal Ms G. King, and Principal Mr. W.L. Williams.
    Although Dr. James-Holloway says participation was lowered this year by illness and weather conditions, 35 people did take part in reading to classes and discussing issues related to Black history and culture. Participants gathered in the school library, chose books of importance, and then were sent out to classrooms. A corps of student hosts escorted the guest readers.
    To become a guest reader at next year’s John Hay Academy African American Read-in, call Dr. James-Holloway at 773/534-6000.
A guest reader introduces the book she is about to read to the class. (Photo by Brad)
A guest reads a book to a John Hay class. (Photo by Brad)
 A participant in the 7th Annual John Hay African American Read-in asks students questions about the selection she presented. (Photo by Brad)

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