Friday, January 29, 2010


REP. LASHAWN K. FORD ENDORSES DAN HYNES FOR GOVERNORState Rep. LaShawn K. Ford becomes the first African American elected official in Illinois to publicly endorse Dan Hynes for governor. (Photo by Brad)

John Robertson hosted the historic endorsement of Dan Hynes for Illinois governor by Rep. LaShawn K. Ford in his Austin living room, surrounded by friends & family. (Photo by Brad)

With a week left before the February 2 primary election, State Representative LaShawn K. Ford (D-8) has poured gasoline on the already hotly contested race for Illinois governor. Ford became the first African American elected official to publicly endorse Comptroller Dan Hynes over incumbent Pat Quinn.
Ford says he has worked with Quinn since he succeeded ousted Governor Rod Blagojevich a year ago and although he appreciates Quinn’s sincerity, he doesn’t see the level of leadership the state requires.
“It is time for young people to assume leadership positions in this state,” Ford declares. “Dan Hynes is a young man with a family. He has proven himself ably in the Comptroller’s office and has some great ideas for solving Illinois’ fiscal crisis. He will get our state moving again!”
Ford said Quinn is only offering Black people social programs. “What our people need are jobs and help starting new businesses. Dan Hynes understands this.”
Hynes joined Ford at the home of John Robertson in Austin and thanked Rep. Ford for his courage in being the first African American elected official to endorse him. Hynes said it shows the tide has turned and the momentum is in his favor. Polls show the Illinois governor’s race to be a statistical dead heat, with Hynes having made up substantial ground very quickly.

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