*Discount prices depend on how long you advertise

Full Page $725.00 (Discount $646.25)
Half Page $393.75 (Discount $350)
1/4 Page $231.25 (Discount $206.25)
1/8 Page $162.50 (Discount $146.25)
Banner $231.25 (Discount $206.25)
Business Card $43.75   

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*Prices of the ad sizes above are weekly rates.


Ads Specs
1/4 Page
Local    $185 
National $746.25 gross    $634.31 Net

1/8 page   
Local $130   National $488/ 414.80 (net)

Business card                3 x 1.5"          $45/wk or $140/mo ($35/wk)

Double Bus. Cards
    3 x 3"            $90/wk or $280/mo ($70/wk)

      Local: $16/ column inch
                                                               National: $59.70 gross/ $50.75 net per column inch.

Local: $50.00 per 1000 (10,000 minimum)
National: $65.00 gross/ $55.25 net per 1000 (10,000 minimum)  

Send materials to Ads are due by Tuesday at 12 noon, the week of publication. We accept .pdf, .jpg, and .doc formats. Ads will run in both The Austin Voice and The Garfeild Lawdale Voice for one price.

Circulation Area
The Voice Newspapers covers the entire west side of Chicago including Austin, East and West Garfield Park, West Haven,  The Near West Side, Galewood, and Lawndale. 


 With 36,000 circulation, The Austin Voice and The Garfield Lawndale Voice are the largest circulation community newspapers and the largest African American owned publications serving the 300,000 residents of Chicago’s West Side Austin, East & West Garfield Park, North Lawndale, West Humboldt Park, and Galewood neighborhoods. Since 1985, The Austin Voice has been the most popular and influential Westside Newspaper. It built a reputation as a powerful vehicle for sales, carrying more local West Side business advertising on a regular basis than any other Chicago Newspaper. Its amazing 2.5:1 pass around rate is a primary reason, raising total readership to nearly 100,000 per issue.

In January, 2005, The Garfield/Lawndale Voice was launched and, with its sister publication, The Austin Voice, began a weekly print schedule on Wednesdays. Each newspaper serves approximately one half the total distribution area in terms of circulation and readership.

The Voice Newspapers’
circulation areas comprise several unique communities, making generalizations difficult. Each of the Primary neighborhoods the newspaper s serve is in the midst of dynamic change and growth. However, some demographic patterns remain steady. Readership of The Voice Newspapers is 85% African American, 9% White, and 6% Hispanic and others.

The Voice Newspapers are available free of charge at approximately 750 locations across our distribution area, including all public, private, and parochial school and colleges. Zip Code Breakdown of circulation figures is as follows:

    60651        22.8%
    60644        20.0%
    60639        18.5%
    60624        21.7%
    60623        9.1%
    60612        4.3%
    60302        2.4%

The Austin Voice is certified by the State of Illinois as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (Black) and is recognized by the Community Reinvestment Act. Administrators as an African American community owned publication. The Voice Newspapers are operating divisions of Megamedia Enterprises, Inc., a stock company registered in the state of Illinois, and owned by employees and local residents within the distribution area of the The Voice Newspapers.